Founded and headquartered in Sweden, Renewcell is a pioneering textile recycling company on a mission to drive progress and change the textile industry for the better. It is the first company in the world to make 100% textile-to-textile virgin quality recycling work at scale. Its product, Circulose® – a branded dissolving pulp – is made out of 100% textile waste with high cellulose content.

In 2017, Renewcell was still a young company based in a laboratory of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Its fantastic and knowledgeable team of entrepreneurs had a clear plan for scaling its technology by skipping the traditional pilot step and going directly to demonstration scale and then to a commercial sized plant. We saw a great fit with our own circular ambitions, and we saw that the H&M Group had the potential to help scale the technology by acting as one of Renewcell’s biggest customers as well as early investors.  

By investing in them, we accelerated our partnership; always with the underlying purpose that the whole fashion industry should benefit from the technology. Further to that investment and a strengthening of the relationship, H&M brand launched the first products with Circulose® and was the first global brand to do so in the spring of 2020. Since then, Renewcell has gone from strength to strength receiving industry-wide recognition, winning awards for its innovation credentials, as well as showing impressive growth through building partnerships and supplying many other international brands with Circulose®.  

Renewcell went public in 2020 and in the fall of 2022 started up its first commercial line with a capacity of 60 000 ton in Sundsvall, Sweden. A second line of another 60 000 ton has also been announced. H&M Group has also signed a major offtake agreement with Renewcell.